SPAM Voice Mail Emails

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We all know that sometimes SPAM can also be sinister rather than just annoying by targeting systems we use everyday. Our Operations Team has recently captured messages claiming to be voice mail to email messages, the messages come with a .ZIP attachment which could contain malware. What does a fake email look like? What does an OnPhone email look like? […]

OnNews Issue 6

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Welcome to OnNews Issue 6 The holiday decorations are out again! On behalf of the OnNetworks team we hope you have a happy, relaxing and safe holiday. We would like to notify you of some key dates coming up. OnNetworks Offices will be closed between 12:00pm Friday 19th December 2014 re-opening 9:00am Monday 5th January 2015  During this period we […]

.NZ Domain Names Launch 30 September 2014

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From 1pm on the 30th of September 2014 you will be allowed to register nz domain names directly before the .nz! For example if you have already have (or,,,, etc..) you will now have the opportunity to register – General Overview from Domain Name Commission. How do I find […]

Webmail Upgrade Complete

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Webmail users, please note that on Tuesday the 1st of July 2014 we released a brand new, easy to use webmail interface. We published a notice in Issue 5 of OnNews notifying you of the change and that you could continue to use the legacy webmail until 5:00 pm on Tuesday the 15th of July 2014. The legacy webmail service has now […]

OnNews Issue 5

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Welcome to OnNews Issue 5 OnNews is our quarterly Sales & Marketing Newsletter. A new quarter is upon us, and our boys been behind the curtain have been working a couple of things to make your life better! Pressed by, James Webster | Head of Sales & Marketing  

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